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Paint protection film offers car owners an easy, affordable way to keep their vehicles looking great and protect them from outside elements like dirt, snow, and gravel that can leave unsightly scratches and other damage on the paint surface. If you’re curious about how to protect your vehicle from these elements but aren’t sure where to start, you can learn more at, the leading provider of paint protection film in Canada.
Paint Protection Film in Richmond Hill, Aurora & North York
The paint protection film is used to help extend the life of a new car’s paint job. It can also be applied to other surfaces, such as windows, bumpers, and fenders, to help protect against everyday wear and tear. With Autofolie’s leading service provider for paint protection film, you can rest assured that your vehicle will remain in pristine condition longer with their quality workmanship and excellent customer service! Contact them today for more information about their services or to schedule an appointment!
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We are the leading service provider in paint protection film, with over ten years of experience and a team dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Our paint protection films will keep your car looking new by protecting it from rock chips, bug stains, and other environmental elements that can cause paint damage. We have films available in many different colours so you can find the right one for your car’s make and model. If you need help determining which colour suits your vehicle best, we offer a free consultation on-site before installation.
The Benefits of Paint Protection Film
The paint protection film is a clear, thin, protective film that can be applied to the surface of your car to protect it from scratches, dings and elements. It’s also known as a clear bra or vinyl wrap and is inexpensive to keep your vehicle looking new for years to come. Here are some of the many benefits of Paint Protection Film for your car:
  • Protection against Fading: Paint protection film blocks harmful ultraviolet rays responsible for fading exterior plastics and rubber components on vehicles. Your car will stay newer and longer!
  • Save Money on Replacement Parts: Over time, exterior parts of cars tend to fade due to exposure to UV rays. With paint protection film, you’re saving yourself money in replacement costs because there won’t be any fading!
  • Maintain Car Resale Value: Paint protection film makes a difference in resale value; studies show that vehicles with paint protection sell for more than those without.
  • Provides Invisible Protection: Paint protection film provides invisible protection by blocking water, dirt and other contaminants from underneath the film onto your paint. Unlike traditional waxes, paint protection lasts much longer – often 5-7 years!
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If you’re looking for the leading paint protection film service provider, your search is over! Autofolie offers a wide range of products and services that can provide your vehicle with the protection it needs to keep it looking new. So whether you’re interested in a simple car wrap or a full-on transparent paint protection film, we have an option that’s perfect for you!

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    As a car owner, there are many ways to maintain paint protection. For instance, you can wash your car regularly, but avoid the clear bra with soap or liquid. You can also use a clay bar, an easy and cost-effective way to remove contamination from the surface of your vehicle. If you have questions about maintaining Paint Protection for your car, our team of professionals at Autofolie will gladly answer all of them!

    A common misconception is that since your car’s paint is protected, you won’t need to maintain it as much. The Paint Protection Film (PPF) will protect your vehicle from rock chips and minor scratches from road debris. So, while it may be true that you don’t need to wax as often, you should still keep up with regular cleaning and detailing maintenance.

    All paint protection treatments need to be maintained regularly. However, some require more maintenance than others. For example, glass sealant must be reapplied every few months to maintain the coating, whereas ceramic coatings do not require as much care and can last up to five years with regular use.

    The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that we do not recommend it for a few reasons. Paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent, self-healing, semi-permanent coating that resists scratches and protects your car from the sun’s UV rays. The PPF has a top coat of paint that any hard object can scratch off.

    Paint Protection is a premium service offered by Autofolie to help protect your car’s surface from rock chips, scratches, and other paint damage. To maintain this service, you will want to wash your car with soap and water every week or two. If you get any dirt on the paint protection film, use mild soap and wipe it off with a soft cloth. You can also use water with soap to remove heavy dirt or oil from the exterior of your vehicle.